What is Tidbit? - Tidbit is an app that allows you to start a page to send push notifications to your subscribers. These notifications are one-way, which means that they cannot be replied to. (we made it that way on purpose) Subscribers choose who they receive push notifications from and how often they receive them.

What is a Tidbit notification? - The owner or admin of a Tidbit page can use it to send "Tidbits" to page subscribers from the app or webpage. Tidbits are sent using push notifications. This is a way for a Tidbit page to send a message, or notify you, without needing to open the app. Tidbit notifications are push notifications from the specific pages that you subscribe to on the app.

Are Tidbit notifications a text message? - Short answer, no they are not. We like text messages, they are very useful, however SMS messages and push notifications are different. SMS messages are sent to your mobile phone number. Tidbit users do not have to give out their phone number because of the Tidbit app. Users are able to opt in or out of push notifications from any page at any time.

What’s the difference between Tidbit and email? - Email works great if you have a lot of information to send and it’s not critical that everyone sees or responds to it quickly. If your message is shorter or time sensitive, email is not so great. Tidbit delivers your message in real time as a push notification and can be seen in the app.

Let's be honest, lots of people aren't great about checking their email. (Some don’t check it every day)

Is Tidbit a social media platform? Tidbit is a communication tool, not a social media platform. The concept of Tidbit is based on sending and seeing the information that is truly important to the user. There are plenty of places to see memes and cat videos. We designed Tidbit so that subscribers could decide exactly what they would receive from the pages they subscribe to. Let’s leave the cat memes where they belong.

Where do I start? - The first step is signing up as a user. If you just want to subscribe to other tidbit pages you can stop here and do that.

If you want to start your own page. We recommend that you do this from the website, although it is totally possible on the app. Invite people to subscribe to your page, through text, email or social media.. (Don’t forget to subscribe to your own page) and send a Tidbit. With the app on your phone you will receive the Tidbit as a push notification message from your page.

What should I send? - The most successful Tidbit pages keep their information relevant and add personality. Notifications are going to pop up directly on your subscribers lock screen, you want to keep it as personally appropriate as possible. Sports teams might send several Tidbit notifications during a game which fans are very excited about receiving. A business may send only one or two per day or per week depending on their needs.

We tend to think of it this way, clearly explain what your users will receive from your page, make sure that they know if they are overwhelmed they can change their frequency and deliver the best message at the right time. Timing, especially with push notifications, can be everything. We suggest that you ensure that your subscribers are only receiving the content they expect.

How do I gain more subscribers? - Users have to opt in to your Tidbit page. (We just call it subscribe) In order to get more users attracted to your Tidbit page they need to be aware that you have one. Make use of your existing channels (email, website, social media sites, and word of mouth). We recommend that your first month of a Tidbit page be backed up with a decent campaign to attract subscribers. Post about it on your blog or Facebook page. Give users reasonable idea about what to expect from your Tidbit page and how often they will be receiving Tidbits.

Something like this:

Ground Round Coffee Shop - Join us on Tidbit! We will be sending notifications about the specials of the week, monthly coffee blog updates, and our new events on Thursday nights. These notifications will come to you as often as 2-3 times per week. Make sure you subscribe to our page! Thanks!


Something like this would easily be followed up by your in store employees using that wonderful thing known as word of mouth. For non-brick and mortar retailers we suggest that you post about Tidbit on your blog, social media, website etc. regularly. You will engage more subscribers if you promote the page to people as you would a newsletter subscription option, or an SMS service