• GoodBits

    Get a jar, the bigger the better. Every day write down something good that happened to you and put it in the jar. At the end of the year (or when you are down) go back and read/remember what went well. Extra points if you get a really big jar and get your whole family involved!

    Jan 09
  • GoodBits

    Offer the Gift of Babysitting: If you can offer to watch the children of a friend or family member for an afternoon. A few hours of peace can make a huge difference to a stressed parent (as anyone with kids can attest).

    Jan 07
  • GoodBits

    A meal can mean a lot. Cook or buy something tasty that can be easily reheated for a friend, college or neighbor. Sometimes having one less thing to worry about at the end of the day is truly amazing.

    Jan 04
  • GoodBits

    Reconnect: It's the start of a new year. Get in touch with an old friend (or 2) that you haven't talked to in a while. Let them know that despite life, or distance, or whatever else has kept you apart, they still mean a lot to you.

    Jan 02
  • GoodBits

    Let go. Anger and resentment are poisonous to you and everyone around you. On the eve of a new you, go through the things that are bothering you. I bet if you look at them you will find that some and maybe all of them just aren't worth the time and effort your spending on them. Then go out (or stay in) and have a great time with the people you love most!

    Dec 31
  • GoodBits

    Over the next few days, Pay attention to all the people that help you in small ways. It could be a cashier, a server at a restaurant, or any of the hundred or so people you will interact with. Make a point to recognize someone who is going above and beyond in some way!

    Dec 28
  • GoodBits

    Pay attention! If you look around. I bet you can find someone who is struggling at home, at work, or with life in general. Try to make their day a little better in any way you can. Bonus if you also do something to take care of yourself, you are important too!

    Dec 14
  • GoodBits

    Next time you're heading out to do an errand call someone who could use a helping hand. Ask them if you can "pick something up for them", or even invite them to come along. Share your #goodbits with us on instagram!

    Dec 12
  • GoodBits

    We will keep it simple today. Smile at least twice as much as you usually do! Bonus if it is at total strangers:P

    Dec 10
  • GoodBits

    Participate in a Teddy Bear drive this week! Everyone needs loves from a teddy bear. Share your goodbits with us and your friends on social media with the #goodbits

    Dec 07


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About us

What are GoodBits? So glad you asked! GoodBits are many things. Random Acts of Kindness - better known as #RAK - that encourage us to reach out and touch someone. Year 2016 has been a challenge for some of us, so we believe it’s time to fire up the #RAKs.

So here’s the plan: three times a week you’ll get a GoodBit-a simple idea or suggestion that you can use to “bring on the good"!


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