Send Notifications automatically!

We just added the ability to connect your RSS feed to your Tidbit page. (Don't have a page? Get one now.) That means you can automatically send notifications when you update your website. Post something to your blog, Tidbit sends a notification that will link back to it.

What's RSS exactly? 

Conveniently called Really Simple Syndication, RSS is a way for a computer to read your website. Common for blogs and news organizations that update their content regularly. All you need to know about RSS is that if you have an RSS feed on your website you can send notifications automatically from it with Tidbit.

How do I find mine?

Okay, here's where things get interesting. For a lot of websites, your feed is usually at (replace yourwebsitename with your URL). Add /feed to the end and you should land on RSS. If not contact us for help in finding your feed.

Step by Step

Login to Tidbit on the website and navigate to your page. Click the wrench icon to edit your page info. (Great time to finish filling this out.)

In the box titled RSS URL (like the one above) copy and paste your feed URL.

Update your page.

(This needs to be done when you make changes.)

Now your Tidbit page will automatically send notifications when you update your website.