Your team info should be at the top of your mind.

In 2015 Tidbit started as my mom’s idea to help the family small business. I thought it was a good idea, however I didn’t know who else would find it useful. It became a great and useful idea later that year during rugby season.

During development, the University of Utah’s Rugby Club team was instrumental in providing us with feedback for the function and design of the app.


Rewind to my freshman year...

12:32 AM -  Sept. 2012. My phone buzzes (waking me up) with a text message from

Coach: Practice is at 6 am tomorrow… The subsequent minutes resulted in teammates responding to the group text.  “I can’t go” …  “I have work” … “What?!”

6:00 AM – At the field.  “Where is everyone?” Coach says.  

9:00 AM – In class – Group text bombardment. The beaches are being stormed.

“Why were some of you not at training?”

“… I don’t get group texts.”

“My phone doesn’t get group messages”

“I didn’t see the text until I woke up”

Sophomore Year

2014 – New year new deal right?


5:50 AM – Email – We are practicing in the Indoor facility today. (Practice is at 6 am)

6:00 AM – Practice -  Half the team is at the other field…

“Where is everyone?

Doesn’t everyone check their email? “

…  I guess not.

Extra fitness because guys are late.

All year long…

Part or all of that story might seem familiar to you.

If you are on a team, you may feel many of the same frustrations. Teams require a lot of communication to run smoothly. There are times when that communication needs to be short, quick, and to the point to get everyone’s attention.

Tidbit does just that for teams.

Today, Tidbit allows you to build your own page and send custom notifications to your subscribers.

It is the personal notification app.

Tidbits (notifications) are one way messages received by the app on your phone. Tidbit gives you control of what you receive from each page, even down to the frequency.

Building a page is free along with 50 subscribers and 8 tidbits to send a month. The app is  also free.

Your page name will be displayed to each user before the message you have written.

Push notifications are opt in, and don’t cost the recipient anything. They are fast and read well on the users device.

Subscribers will see your message right on their lock screen and have the ability to view more in the app and interact with more features.


Public vs Private - Pages can be public or private. That means people will either be able to search for your page and subscribe to it or you will have to invite them.

Schedule - Do you know much or all of your schedule in advance? Schedule your tidbits accordingly so that you can move onto more important matters.  

On the fly - Send a tidbit from your phone. Edit what tidbits you have scheduled. Manage your page info. All right from the Tidbit app.

Add to Calendar - Create events in a tidbit and your subscribers will be able to add the event to their calendar from the app.

Links - Add hyperlinks to your tidbits so your subscribers can get directions in a maps app or visit a website.