Sending a Tidbit - From the web or the app.

Just a Tidbit - Keep it Short and (hopefully) sweet.

Send a tidbit of info to your subscribers from the web or the App. Select your page by clicking your name on the web or tap the “tb” on the app. Send your message to everyone when you’re ready or schedule it for later.

For adding links, calendar events, and selecting channels see below.

A little more than a Tidbit.

  • 1) Tidbit

    Tidbits are push notifications sent to subscribers who have downloaded the Tidbit app*. Subscribers will be able to read messages of up to a 140 characters on their lock screen before needing to open the Tidbit app*.

  • 2) Scheduling

    You can send a tidbit immediately or schedule it to be delivered at a future date and/or time.

  • 3) Links

    Add a link (URL) to your tidbit by copying and pasting it to the URL field. [add icon] Users will tap this to get to your link.

  • 4) Events

    Add an event to a tidbit so that users can add it directly to their calendar. It’s a great way to add more info for your subscribers. [icon] Users can add the event directly to their calendar from the app.

  • 5) Channels

    You can separate your subscribers into groups yourself when you invite them or later on in your admin area.

    You can also make a public channel for users to subscribe to on your page in the app. Make sure to let users know if you create a channel!

  • 6) Private vs Public

    If you want your page public you’ll need to change it to that. We let you get your pages started privately so that you can set your page up completely.

    Private pushes are a way to show just the tidbit as a push notification and not have them show up on the web or the app. Public tidbits will go your subscribers and will be visible on the app to any subscriber.

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