Tidbit - The one-way notification app.
Send your first Tidbit in minutes.

Get your message to the right people

Send tidbits in real time or schedule them in advance.

Build your tidbit page and make sure the right people are seeing your message.

Tidbit for teams

Schedule reminders for games, practice and events

Immediately send updates when things change

No more missed emails, calls or texts

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Tidbit for Organizations

Private, immediate communication

High visibility

Send tidbits to everyone or just specific groups

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Send and receive tidbits, your way

Great for You


Pick who can send you tidbits and how often.


Tidbits come when you need. Forget group texts and emails.


Swipe it away for later, tap to open and more in the app.

It's your app!

With one app you can change the way your sports team, business or organization communicates.

Easy for Them


Instantly communicate information your subscribers need and want.


Schedule tidbits in advance... make more efficient use of your time.


Add hyper links to your tidbits to direct users where to go.

Invite your current following

Gain a following by inviting by email (web only) and sharing your page with others.

Our Story

Tidbit sparked as an idea from founder Stephanie Webb's experience as a small business owner. After putting the concept to work in her own business and proving it valuable, Webb launched the app. Now, one of the most powerful communication tools is refined and affordable for everyone.

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